was founded by Sabra Veronesi of Veryfine Switzerland. She discovered the little Foot cushion pads through a friend. As a salsa dancer Sabra often had pain on the ball of her foot. By sticking the Tip Toes pads in her dance shoes, she was able to dance the night away. Through her dance shoe business, Sabra was able to introduce the brand to the Swiss market.

Foot Petals shoe cushions are suitable not only for dance shoes but any shoe that needs a little extra cushioning. Foot Petals, you not only save your feet and ligaments, but they will make your shoes look stylish as well.

She enlarged the product range with Solemates™ High Heelers, the practical little stiletto protectors. Solemates™ are made in the USA and are a must for every fashionista who loves wearing high heels