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  • Technogel® Tip Toes for Flip Flops cushion the ball of foot area, preventing feet from sliding forward in sandals and Flip Flops

  • Technogel® Heavenly Heelz with Softspots are premium heel cushioning  that have an overlay of ultra-soft gel right where it’s needed most. The clear Technogel bottom layer provides stability and shock absorption, and the pink Softspots add a second layer of cushioning. 

  • Technogel® Tip Toes with Softspots are premium cushioning. Its 3-dimensional shock absorption reduces stress on pressure points to provide superior comfort with every step. These virtually invisible cushions contour to your foot and provide long-lasting cushioning that never goes flat….GUARANTEED!

  • FootPetals Technogel® Haute Heelz soothing designer heel cushions help absorb shock to heels, legs and lower back. Made from Technogel® performance gel cushioning they are extremely shock absorbing and never lose their shape.

  • Foot Petals Strappy Strips are virtually invisible thin strips add both comfort to your favorite strappy women’s shoes, and relief to your sensitive ankles and heels. Made from PORON®, a performance cushioningthat never loses its shape