Footpetals shoe comfort cushions

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Footpetals shoe comfort cushions

Footpetals designer shoe cushions are made from PORON® technology, a performance cushioning that doesn't loses its shape and is extremely shock resistant. More hygienic than silicone and much cuter too!

FootPetals shoe cushions of PORON® technology, that's extremely shock resistant and more hygienic than silicone

Footpetals shoe comfort cushions

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  • Technogel® Shoe Cushions

    Price CHF15.69

    Foot Petals best-selling Killer Kushionz shoe pads in Technogel® keep feet stable while cushioning from heel to ball of foot area with every step.

  • Technogel® Tip Toes for Flip Flops cushion the ball of foot area, preventing feet from sliding forward in sandals and Flip Flops

  • FootPetals Arch cushion

    Price CHF9.19

    Amazing Arches shoe cushions provide arch support and help give women’s shoes the "perfect fit." Made from PORON® performance cushioningnever loses its shape

  • Anti-Slip Stick on Pads

    Price CHF9.20

    Stick on anti-slip pads for slippery floors for fashion shoes, sandals and bridal shoes. Protect leather soles from humidity 

  • FootPetals best-selling Tip Toes designer shoe pads keep feet stable in even the highest of high heels, while cushioning the sensitive ball of foot area with every step. Made from PORON® performance cushioning never loses its shape.