Footpetals shoe comfort cushions

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Footpetals shoe comfort cushions

Footpetals designer shoe cushions are made from PORON® technology, a performance cushioning that doesn't loses its shape and is extremely shock resistant. More hygienic than silicone and much cuter too!

FootPetals shoe cushions of PORON® technology, that's extremely shock resistant and more hygienic than silicone

Footpetals shoe comfort cushions

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  • Foot Petals bridal Tip Toes heart shaped designer comfort shoe cushions in bridal blue with "I DO" printed on them. Stops feet from sliding forward in bridal high heels, while cushioning the sensitive ball of foot area with every step. 

  • Barefoot sneaker cushions

    Price CHF20.33

    No socks, no problem! Sock free Saviors are insoles for your moccasins or sneakers. Made from PORON®,a performance cushioning that never loses its shape.

  • FootPetals full shoe...

    Price CHF15.69

    Killer Kushionz are ¾ shoe insoles that offer comfort and cushioning from the ball of your foot to the bottom of your heels. Made from PORON®,a performance cushioning that never loses its shape.

  • FootPetals Technogel® Haute Heelz soothing designer heel cushions help absorb shock to heels, legs and lower back. Made from Technogel® performance gel cushioning they are extremely shock absorbing and never lose their shape.

  • FootPetals Heavenly Heelz designer shoe cushions prevent blisters on your heels and can also be used at the inside top of a shoe to ease friction. Made from PORON® performance cushioning that never loses its shape

  • FootPetals Strappy Strips are virtually invisible thin strips add both comfort to your favorite strappy women’s shoes, and relief to your sensitive ankles and heels. Made from PORON®, a performance cushioningthat never loses its shape